Aarogya Sanyuj (Health Camps on the basis of Bhakti)

The Second Aarogya Sanyuj took place in January 2006, when 750 doctors and other health care professionals from Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Andhra Pradesh, along with 85 health care professionals from North America, participated in a three-day-long Aarogya Sanyuj in more than 53 Matsyagandha villages.

2.2 million (22 Lacs) youths participates in Geeta Jayanti

Under the guidance of Pujya Dadaji and Pujya Didiji, for many years Swadhyay Pariwar celebrates Geeta Jayanti by arranging elocution competition for youth between 16-30 on a subject from Geetaji's thoughts.  For children under the age of 16, there is a combined competition of reciting shlokas and explaining the meaning with its elaboration.

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