HR-MEET Focuses on Swadhyay...

The MET, Mumbai Education Trust, recently organized a seminar on issues & matters related to the HR (Human Relations) industry & the Swadhyay approach to them.

Below is the part of the invitation, along with excerpts of the response of representatives of the Swadhyay Pariwar who attended the seminar.  They were present at the panel discussions and submitted their paper based on Rev. Dada's thoughts on "Human Relations".

4th SEPTEMBER 2004 AT MET COMPLEX - 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Business Management is not, by any stretch of imagination, a bloodless war waged with mission-goals-strategy designed to seek victory at all cost. It is rather a body of knowledge applied to the delivery of goods and services by humans to mankind with a win-win scenario for all. Therefore, it is time to take a stock of this journey thus far, not through statistical cobwebs but through self-introspection and seek enlightenment as a true reward of toils. With India galloping to the status of a global economic powerhouse and universal outsourcing destination, it is time to strengthen and streamline the policies, processes, and practices which will shape the Human Resources of our country.

As torchbearers of India's quest to seek conquest of forces of global frontiers of knowledge leveraged for maximization of human happiness and minimization of pain and misery, it is our solemn task to search for the answers which lie within us. As responsible citizens of the world, blessed by the legacy of a civilization where the mind rules over matter, we have to search for answers through self-introspection and seek enlightenment.

The philosophy and practice of "SWADHYAY" is a part of one's quest in search of human face of Human Relations. Evolved and practiced by the Late Pandurang Shastri Athavale, it is a feasible model to transform any society, seeking "Enlightenment through self-introspection" for self-empowerment. Though its emphasis is on individuals and their micro-communities, it has the power to raise creative potentialities of man through a rational journey of self-awareness and self-development to promote social responsibility. It attempts the broadening of the inner human frontier, thereby strengthening the fabric of an organization to withstand challenges and therefore deserves a closer study by professionals involved in the field of HR.

In response to the HR-MEET, representative from Swadhyay Pariwar presented Rev. Dadaji's vision regarding Human Relation. Excerpts from the presentation follow:

In human society, there are many kinds of barriers such as caste, colour, status, religion etc. which separate man from man. What is the way to unite the human race in spite of these barriers? The differences do exist from person to person. But there is a common factor which binds all of us. Our Creator is one and our Operator is one. This is the only factor which can unite the human race in spite of multitudes of differences.

Today, crude hedonism and materialism are on the ascent. As a result of these isms, modern man is becoming heartless. Human life without noble feelings and higher sentiments is dry, dull and mechanical. The consciousness of God within will promote self-respect and respect for the whole of humanity and creation. The essence of devotion is an understanding of nearness of God. In conclusion, I would like to assert that devotion to God is a force for the individual, a force for social harmony and a force for international unity.