The Life Oriented Philosophy...

The word Swadhyay literally means "study of the self". Delving deeper, we find that it is actually a life-changing experience.It is a philosophy intended to uplift human life; as Rev. Dadaji says. "We do not want a philosophy which is purely theoretical and which merely discusses utopian ideas and theories. We do not want a philosophy which is merely otherworldly; instead, we want a philosophy which is practical, one that can be useful in our daily lives, i.e. we want a philosophy that can be lived."


During each Archirayan event, the world witnessed a unique divine wave. For example, 35,000 Swadhyayees from Maharashtra, along with thousands of other Swadhyayees (including over 1,000 from the North America & the UK) traveled to meet their fellow human beings in over 5,000 Tamil villages. Despite the barrier of language, these Swadhyayees developed warm divine relationships with hundreds of thousands of Tamil-speaking brothers and sisters...

"Bhavlakshi" from Swadhyay pariwar Celebrate Sanvatotsav at Bhav-Nirzar

"Bhav Nirzar" is an educational institution located in Ahmedabad, founded by Pujya Pandurang Shastri (Dadaji). Within the institution, there is a prayer hall containing life-size idols of Lord Yogeshwar, Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvati, Lord Ganesh, and a Shivlinga. Every year, a pious occasion known as Sanvatotsav is celebrated at Bhav Nirzar. This event marks the anniversary of the sanctification of all the afore-mentioned idols with the prescribed Vedic rites. These holy rituals symbolize the spiritual process by which God is called to reside within the idols, transforming them from mere stone idols into a physical embodiment of God Himself.

Each year, the privilege, opportunity, and responsibility of conducting the Sanvatotsav celebration is given to a different group within the Swadhyay Pariwar. This year, the festive occasion, held on April 11, 2006, was organized, attended, and performed by more than 75,000 "Bhavlakshi" people (the so-called 'Untouchables or 'Harijans') in the presence of Pujya Didiji and thousands of others.